How social media can affect your divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2020 | Divorce |

During your divorce, you may feel tempted to share details about it on social media. You might consider taking to Facebook to post your thoughts about your marriage’s end. Or, you may want to share a photo on Instagram that references your split. Yet, you will want to think twice before doing so, since it can impact proceedings.

Choose your words with care

If your split with your spouse has been civil, one social media post could change its course. Sharing details or thoughts about your divorce could anger them, especially if it seems like you’re badmouthing them. Setting your relationship status to single before your divorce finalizes may lead to similar feelings. You may also have started a new relationship after splitting from your spouse and you may want to share posts about your partner. Yet, while you are legally married, doing so could cause problems. Even if your accounts are private, this information can get back to your spouse, who may use it to portray you in a negative light.

Choose your photos with care

If you often post photos to your social media accounts, be careful that no one can misconstrue them. You might think that sharing a photo of a night out with friends is innocent and harmless. But your spouse could use it as an argument against your conduct, especially if you two have children and are working out custody arrangements. Sharing photos of expensive items may raise eyebrows, too. By showing yourself spending money, you run the risk of financial scrutiny. This could affect the share of marital property you receive, as well as your alimony and child support obligations.

Social media allows us to share important moments in our lives with others. Yet, divorce is not one of these moments worth publicizing, since doing so will make your split more contentious and challenging than it needs to be.