Leaving an abusive relationship

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

Some New Hampshire women, understandably, struggle when it comes to divorcing an abusive husband. Whether it is fear or the lack of confidence to make a change after they have been worn down, leaving an abusive husband instills fear. It is possible for a domestic violence and abuse victim to escape and end their marriage.

Abuse does not have to be just physical. A husband can also subject his wife to emotional abuse that includes insults and control. Abuse can start subtly and build over time as the husband increases his control. Beyond insults and physical abuse, women can also be subject to financial mistreatment. After an incremental buildup, a woman can eventually find herself in danger. Many people cannot bring themselves to escape abusive relationships because they think they can fix it or they are afraid to leave.

In order to leave the relationship, the woman needs to be able to recognize the dysfunction. The most important thing is having outside help and support to help confirm that the situation is abnormal and can be ended. This includes friends, family members and professional therapists. Eventually, after some help, therapy and talking, the woman will realize that what she has been subjected to is not reality. They will eventually come to learn what was done to them and come to terms with what happened.

One way to get out of this type of relationship is to file for divorce. When initiating a divorce against an abusive spouse, there will be extra protections necessary to safeguard the woman. This can include restraining and protection orders. One should consult with a divorce attorney to learn more about how the legal process can protect their safety and help them get out of the toxic relationship that has taken over their life.