Will children of divorce be more likely to get divorced as adults?

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As a parent, you never want to cause harm to your children. At the same time, if you are in an unhappy marriage, you may have to cause them some emotional pain to provide them with a better childhood in the longer term. It is a difficult choice for parents in Manchester, but ultimately the right one in many cases.

A common concern among parents is if experiencing their parents’ divorce will affect children’s ability to form lasting romantic relationships. In other words, could your divorce lead your kids to get divorced themselves someday?

Divorce and the kids

There is no denying that children whose parents went through divorce tend to experience sadness and fear. They may feel that their trust was broken. And the arguments and growing emotional distance between their parents may affect their feelings toward marriage and committed relationships.

But children are resilient. If you and your ex continue to be loving and dependable parents, they should eventually adjust to their new living situation. Their experience with divorce may affect their interest in marriage, but it could also have taught them how to deal with conflict in relationships. That their feelings and emotional needs matter. These tools may help them find the right person to marry, and enjoy a long, happy marriage.

The number-one thing you can do for yourself and your children

There is no way to predict what the future holds for your children. But you can control how you handle your divorce today. That includes your choice of divorce attorney. Your lawyer should be someone with a history of good results for their clients. They should also have a personality that meshes well with yours so that you can work together closely the next several months.