Avoid these 3 costly mistakes during your divorce

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Understandably, divorcing couples can become anxious over the cost of ending their marriage. It’s a valid concern as spouses wonder how they’ll maintain two households with the same income that supported one.

The cost of divorce can largely depend upon whether both parties still get along and communicate and are willing to negotiate a fair settlement without resorting to a lengthy and costly court battle.

Three common mistakes to avoid

While your goal may be to keep costs as low as possible, it’s advisable to consult with an experienced family law attorney in New Hampshire to protect your interests. You can still save money by:

  • Choosing communication over litigation: Divorcing couples who only talk through their attorneys and during court proceedings will see costs rapidly grow. Besides a traditional divorce, your attorney can help you determine whether mediation or collaborative law is a viable option, potentially cutting costs significantly.
  • Efficiently communicating with your attorney: While the type of divorce you pursue will largely determine the costs, remember that firms usually charge for the time they spend on your case, which can increase expenses if you send multiple emails or make several phone calls. If your lawyer asks for information, try to send it all at once instead of in a piecemeal fashion.
  • Promptly completing paperwork: You will be asked to provide a ton of information during the process, such as discovery documents, which detail your finances and often contain more than 100 questions. It’s in your best interest to complete these forms as soon as possible, as your attorney’s repeated requests can increase your bill.

Cooperation is a key factor for keeping costs down

While anxiety and uncertainty are common feelings for spouses going through a divorce, working together for a fair outcome is the least-costly road to travel for both parties. It can also help reduce the pain and emotional toll, which is especially beneficial when children are involved.