Why choose the collaborative process for the divorce

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There are many different reasons that couples in New Hampshire divorce and there are many couples that get divorced each year. The reasons for the divorce may dictate the divorce process that the couple ends up using. People may not realize it, but couples do have options for resolving the divorce.

They can choose to go through litigation and eventually have a judge make all the decisions for them. They could choose to try and reach agreements on their own. Another option is to use mediation during which a third-party neutral mediator will help the couple negotiate various agreements. Couples could also use the collaborative law process. This is a unique process where both spouses have their own attorneys, but all agree to work towards solutions and resolutions instead of being adversarial.

Benefits of a collaborative law divorce

The collaborative law divorce process may not work for everyone, but it does have benefits over litigation. One advantage is because it avoids using the courts, a collaborative law divorce saves time, which means they can also save the couple money. It also allows the parties to freely discuss the issues that they need to resolve and encourages the couples to be open with each other, which can be beneficial in resolving future disputes as well. Ultimately the couple also controls the outcome instead of leaving it in the hands of a judge.

Each divorce in New Hampshire is unique. What may work for one couple will not always work for another couple. However, those who are motivated to reaching resolutions instead of simply fighting over everything may want to consider the collaborative law process. This process has many advantages over litigation and can be a beneficial process for the couple. Experienced attorneys trained in the collaborative divorce process may be able to guide one through it.