How domestic violence impacts child custody determinations

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Every family is different, but no family should have to harbor the pain of domestic violence. In New Hampshire, domestic violence is abuse that happens between members of a family or household. Though it can occur between different relations and individuals, domestic violence often occurs between adults, such as husbands and wives.

When domestic violence occurs in a home, it can affect every member of the family, even if they are not direct victims of the aggressor. Because of this, domestic violence can be factor in divorces and child custody matters when victims and aggressors end their relationships. This post does not offer any legal advice, but readers may take from its contents information on how domestic violence may impact child custody outcomes in New Hampshire.

Child custody in New Hampshire

As in other American jurisdictions, child custody decisions in New Hampshire are based on the best interests of the children. That means that there is no one size fits all approach to determining custody after a separation or divorce. The individual and unique characteristics of children and their families will guide courts’ decisions on where and how they will be raised.

Domestic violence is a factor that can sway or alter child custody decisions. Evidence or allegations of abuse may be offered, and courts may investigate how that abuse affected the children in the homes. Courts may also look at the relationships between children and allegedly abusive parents to decide if and how those relationships can be continued.

Advocating for custody as a domestic violence victim

Abuse and violence at the hands of a spouse, family member, or household member can be devastating for a victim. Individuals who live with the fear and anxiety of abusive partners and relatives may struggle to protect their kids from the harm they know is possible within their houses. When they choose to leave their abusive relationships, they may not know how to protect their kids from the potential dangers of their partners. Dedicated family law attorneys can support them and advocate for their needs when it comes to the custody and protection of their kids.