Both parents have a right to visitation after divorce

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When parents go through a divorce in the Manchester area, it can be a difficult time for everyone involved. It is not easy to separate a life that may have been shared for many years into two separate lives. This process involves many different aspects of their lives as well. People need to divide their assets and move into different homes which physically separates the parents. They also need to separate the parenting of their children.

Instead of being under the same roof and sharing the parenting responsibilities they will be parenting from different homes. During the marriage, each parent may have taken on different parenting responsibilities and may have had different styles, but this does not by itself mean that one parent should have more time with the children than the other. Each parent plays an important role in the upbringing of their children and each parent needs to be able to play their role even though they are no longer together.

Goals of custody and visitation

The law recognizes this fact as well and as a policy it is recognized that children do best when both parents have a meaningful impact on their lives. To achieve this goal, unless it is shown to be detrimental to the children, the policy is:

  • To support frequent and meaningful contact with each parent
  • Encourage the parents to share in the rights and responsibilities that come with raising their children
  • Unless there is domestic violence, to encourage parents to work together in parenting
  • Grant the parents and courts liberal discretion in developing the best possible plan for the children
  • Consider what is in the best interest of the children when making parenting plans.

These guiding principles need to be used in every custody and visitation decision in New Hampshire. It is clear that both parents need to be heavily involved in the parenting of their children after divorce. This is true for both parents regardless of their parenting style, provided that they are not abusing or harming the children. It is also important that both parents understand the role they play in their children’s lives and their rights as parents. Experienced attorneys understand the custody and visitation process and the roles and rights of each parent and can guide them through the process.