Why are more older couples seeking a divorce?

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You may have been married for two or more decades when, for a variety of reasons, you find your marriage just is not working out, and despite the many years of commitment you are ready to divorce. This is not uncommon. In a situation known as a “gray divorce,” the divorce rate among people over age 50 is on the rise. The following are some reasons why some couples in Manchester are choosing a gray divorce.

Financial issues

Financial issues can plague older couples, just as they can younger couples. Older couples approaching or at retirement may find they have vastly different spending habits and goals. A couple who struggles with unpaid bills or if one spouse overspends or mismanages the couple’s money, these issues can lead a marriage to its breaking point.

“Empty nest” syndrome

When young, many married couples focus intently on raising their children together. However, once those children are grown and out of the house these couples may find they no longer have much left in common. Even couples without children can grow apart as they age. With divorce no longer having the stigma it once had, these couples may find it preferable to divorce and start anew as single individuals rather than stay married to someone they are no longer compatible with.

Increase in life expectancy rates

These days, people are living longer than in generations past. Even those who reach age 50 or older may find that they have many good years ahead of them. If their marriage has been dysfunctional for a while, they may decide they want to spend these years happy as a single individual rather than stuck in an unhappy marriage for several more decades.

Learn more about grey divorce

A couple may have very good reasons for pursuing a gray divorce. However, the divorce issues they face may be very different from their younger counterparts. While child custody and child support may no longer be issues, property division and spousal support may take center stage. Therefore, it is important to seek help if you are considering a gray divorce. Our firm’s website on divorce has information that may be useful for those considering their rights and options in a divorce.