Five tips for helping your child adjust post-divorce

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Divorce is a huge life change not just for the divorcing spouses in Manchester but also for their children. Having a smooth transition from married life to two separate households is essential for ensuring children have the stability and security they need to process the divorce and adjust to post-divorce life. The following are five tips to help your child adjust following your divorce.

Tip 1: Decide on how custody exchanges will go and stick to it

First, you and your ex will have to decide when and where custody exchanges will take place. Oftentimes this information is included as part of the final divorce decree. It is helpful to choose a neutral location, such as school or a grandparent’s house, so there is less chance of conflict. Once these decisions are made, it is important that parents follow them, to provide the child with the stability they need to make these transitions.

Tip 2: Keep household rules consistent

While parents do not need to have the exact same household rules, they each should have rules that provide children with structure and routine. Neither parent should be a “Disneyland parent.” Some rules may include bedtimes, homework routines and chores.

Tip 3: Stay involved with your child’s community

Your child’s community involves more than just you and your ex. It is important to help your child maintain friendships. Ensuring your child is still able to invite friends over shows the child that their parents care about their needs.

Tip 4: Ensure the non-custodial parent is involved in important activities

The custodial parent and non-custodial parent both play important roles in their child’s life, and both should do all they can to be involved in important activities in their child’s life. For example, both should try to attend parent-teacher conferences, soccer games, dance recitals and other important activities in their child’s life.

Tip 5: Remain cordial

It is critical that parents remain cordial with one another and permit each other to have a meaningful relationship with the child. Children often feel guilty following a divorce. They should not be used as messenger or spy. Remaining respectful of your ex’s relationship with and time spent with the child is important.

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