Knowing the potential benefits of collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | May 10, 2021 | Collaborative Law |

Collaborative family law is an alternative to litigating a divorce that can be beneficial in a variety of ways. Couples who have made the decision to divorce should next make the decision as to how they want to handle their divorce and should know about the advantages of collaborative law divorce. Collaborative divorce can:

  • Save divorcing couples money;
  • Saves divorcing couples time;
  • Provide a more informal setting;
  • Offer the option for a free, open and honest exchange of information;
  • Allow the divorcing couple to decide how to handle any post-settlement disputes; and
  • Allow the divorcing couple to negotiate a result that works for them and their family.

Collaborative divorce is a joint commitment

The collaborative law divorce process involves a joint commitment and agreement between the divorcing couple to work together to resolve divorce-related disputes rather than to litigate the divorce. For that reason, the process is different and can be more peaceful. The value of collaborative law divorce includes potentially offering a less costly, more private and faster resolution to the couple’s divorce and divorce-related concerns.

In addition, collaborative divorce can provide a framework to help divorcing couple’s resolve disputes that may crop up over time. Collaborative law divorce can help with property division, spousal support, child support and child custody which may change over time. Because of all the ways it can help, divorcing couples should understand their options through the family law process and the benefits of collaborative law divorce in particular.