Can living together before marriage lead to divorce?

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Relationships always take work. You might think that if you and your New Hampshire partner move in together, it can strengthen your relationship. However, some experts believe that cohabitation before marriage can actually lead to problems down the road and increase the chances that you will end up getting a divorce if you do ultimately marry.

Why should you avoid living with your partner before marriage?

Mental health counselors and relationship coaches advise couples not to move in together prior to marriage. No couple wants to get married only to end up in a divorce. Couples often go into marriage believing the concept of “till death do us part,” but the rate of divorce in the country is very high.

Couples who live together before marriage often make the crucial mistake of not discussing their commitment to marriage or at least a life together they have agreed to. Without a solid plan in place, your chances of getting married and going through a divorce five years later greatly increases.

Specifically, millennials are cohabiting together at a faster rate but are less likely to get married. This is acceptable if you are fine with just living together, but if you want to someday get married and stay that way, there are important discussions to have with your romantic partner.

How can you avoid a potential divorce in the future?

Relationship coaches urge couples to discuss their goals for the future before they move in together. The following questions should be asked between the two to avoid a potential divorce in the future:

  • Do you want to get married?
  • Do you want to have kids?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What are your priorities: family or career?
  • Where do you see yourself living for the long term?
  • When would you want to have kids?

You can add in your own set of questions if you have anything specific. This discussion can help you come to a decision about your relationship and help you avoid problems in the future.