Three reasons why long-term marriages can end in divorce

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Some people assume that divorces only happen in short-term marriages. However, divorces can also happen to couples married for decades. If your spouse asked for a divorce in New Hampshire, it can feel like it came out of nowhere. Here are several common reasons why long-term marriages can end in divorce.


One of the most common reasons why long-term marriages end involves money. If a married couple’s financial situation changes, it can create a lot of stress for both parties. When the stress gets to be too much, one or both parties might want out of their marriage. It’s also possible for someone to want out of a marriage after coming into a large sum of money.

Living in an empty nest

Something many married couples do is have children together. Children grow up to become adults, and after they leave their childhood homes, it can create a quiet house for their parents. Sometimes, this situation makes two adults in a long-term marriage realize that they’re living separate lives without children keeping them together.


No matter how long a marriage lasts, infidelity is a situation that can happen at any time and to anyone. There are many reasons why infidelity can happen in a marriage. In some cases, couples can get past this situation. When they can’t, filing for divorce might be the only option.

Are you preparing to go through a divorce? If so, it may be beneficial to contact an experienced divorce lawyer. This helps ensure that you have someone in your corner to work on your behalf. Your lawyer may help you negotiate during the asset division and child custody aspects of the process.