What to consider while dividing digital assets in a divorce

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New Hampshire divorces have become more complicated in recent years with the increase in digital assets and accounts, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This article will cover what you need to consider while dividing digital assets and similar accounts when ending your marriage.

Your online business if you have one

During the divorce process, you will want to protect your most valuable assets. If you have an online business, you’ll need to keep it running during and after your divorce. You will want to value your company, so you can determine the worth of any digital assets. After that, decide who will run the business and how he or she will do that. If you don’t want joint ownership, find a fair way to split it between you two.

Your kids

Among the first things you should consider while dividing digital assets and such accounts in a divorce is how your kids will be affected. As divorced parents, you may want your child or children to continue accessing social media accounts and other digital assets differently, but that may not be easy. For example, you may want your ex’s Facebook account taken down or for your child to not see what gets posted on the account. Also, one parent may want to transfer his or her children’s interest in a joint account. In such instances, you need to consult with an attorney to determine how to handle the process.

An attorney

When dividing your digital assets during the dissolution of your marriage, you should consider working with an attorney that specializes in this area. Divorces can get complicated even without the addition of things like social media accounts. An experienced divorce lawyer will know how to help you divide those kinds of assets and manage the process properly.

If you’re going through a divorce, it’s important to know how the process will affect your digital assets and accounts. Divorces have become more complicated with the increase in digital assets, so you’ll want to consider the above factors to have a smoother process.