When could the court modify child custody agreements?

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A New Hampshire family court will review the specifics of each parent’s situation before making any determinations on sole or joint custody. Unless a compelling reason exists to change the child custody order, the court won’t likely alter anything. However, there are situations when changing a child custody arrangement becomes necessary.

Requesting the court institutes modifications

Generally, the court would make a decision based on the best interests of the child. Parents should not expect the court to make changes to child custody orders without good reason. When making such changes benefits the child, the court could act swiftly.

For example, the court could alter the custody arrangement when the child faces mental or physical abuse. Even when a parent wants to care for a child, the court might not want to leave the child in a home where the parent suffers from substance abuse issues or leaves the child unsupervised.

Other child custody concerns for the court

Not every scenario involves an imminent threat to the child’s well-being. One parent may need to relocate due to employment status. The move could harm the child’s development since he or she would have to change schools and live farther away from extended family. Perhaps altering the custody agreement would be better for the young one.

A parent’s lack of responsibility could also lead to court-ordered changes. Does a parent fail to make scheduled visitations? Is the other parent creating obstacles to visitations? If so, the court could intervene.

Sadly, no one can predict the future; a parent might die unexpectedly, forcing the court to revisit custody arrangements. A new child custody hearing might help place the child in a home under the right care and supervision.

The court won’t grant a modification simply because one of the parents wants a change. However, under certain circumstances, a judge may agree to change a custody order for the child’s well-being.