Helping your kids prepare for your divorce

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When New Hampshire parents make the decision to divorce, they will need to tell their children and help them prepare for the process. This may be a difficult conversation to have, but it can be handled sensitively and maturely, keeping the focus on the emotional well-being of the children.

Know what you will say and when you should say it

Before sitting down to have the conversation with your children, you should try to plan with your spouse what you will tell the children. If possible, you should figure out a time where both of you can sit down with the children to talk. While there is no ideal time to break this type of news to children, doing so when the children can have time to process their feelings, ask questions and have some family time together can provide a safe space for the children.

Be careful about what you share with the children

There are some things about the end of the marriage that you can tell the children and other things that might be best left between you and your spouse. When talking to the children to tell them about the upcoming change, you can include:

  • Announcing that you and your spouse have decided to divorce
  • Explaining what things will remain the same and which might change, such as one parent moving out of the house
  • Reassuring the children that you both still love and support them and that you will remain a family even if the dynamics will be different

While you want to be truthful with your children, there are things that might best be left between the adults. You should avoid assigning blame for the divorce or providing too many details. Be supportive if the children struggle with the news and allow space if their response shows a range of emotions. By being as supportive and consistent as possible, you can help them move through this period of change.