New Hampshire’s parenting petition filing process

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There are various nuances in the filing process for parenting petitions from state to state. In New Hampshire, there are a few different routes to take for getting a parenting petition successfully filed. Your personal information determines which option is may work best.

Meet the requirements

There are several conditions that must be met for child custody to be permitted through a parenting petition. These include the child living in the state where the petition is filed along with other requirements that ensure the process is in the child’s best interest. There are exceptions made for emergencies and cases of abandoned children. Once it has been verified, the parent must:

• Pay a filing fee
• File a parenting or joint parenting petition
• File a personal datasheet

The process of bringing this filing process to bear is called a parenting action. In cases where both parents agree on the parenting action, they have the opportunity to choose a joint parenting petition. This has multiple advantages: Besides avoiding costly fees from legal papers and services, it may also lead to a healthier and more harmonious parenting arrangement.

More about the process

With either type of petition, a personal data sheet is also required. This provides the state with necessary contact information and case details.

Once the petition has been filed, a First Appearance session is scheduled. This is when a judge or master covers the most important parts of your child custody case and sets you up for what to do moving forward. This is also when future parenting action steps are scheduled.

Taking the big step of filing a parenting petition may have some hurdles, but it’s an entirely manageable process that’s wholly worthwhile. Learning the basics of New Hampshire’s filing process is a great way to give yourself a leg up when taking care of this custodial matter.