3 classic types of domestic abuse

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Domestic abuse leads to the breakdown of many marriages in New Hampshire. However, domestic abuse doesn’t always stop as soon as the divorce paperwork is finalized. Abuse can occur before, during and after a divorce. Here are three classic types of domestic abuse:

#1: Controlling behavior

Controlling behavior typically starts early in a relationship and can be a red flag that other types of abuse may be coming down the line. When an abusive spouse controls everything the other spouse does, this dynamic can damage the other spouse’s self esteem. Often, the result of an abusive spouse’s controlling behavior is that the victim is left isolated and totally reliant on their abusive spouse.

#2: Emotional manipulation

Emotional manipulation from an abusive spouse can be extremely confusing for the victim. An abusive spouse may use a lot of guilt to make their victim consent to all of their demands. Alternating between anger and affection in order to control the victim are also classic signs of emotional abuse.

#3: Physical violence

Physical acts of violence during a marriage often lead to divorce. Domestic violence during a divorce is also common. If a victim of verbal and emotional abuse has been demoralized for a long period of time, they often don’t recognize domestic violence for what it is. Any act of slapping, pushing, hitting or unwanted touching is physical violence.

Restraining orders

If you are going through a divorce with an abusive spouse, you may want to get a restraining order to protect yourself. A restraining order may not physically prevent your spouse from coming near you, but it will provide a legal barrier and legal consequences if they do so.