Divorcing a narcissist

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Many elements can make a divorce more stressful. Whether you know your ex is a narcissist or divorce reveals it, it can make the process overwhelming.

Going through a divorce with a narcissist can make your life extremely difficult. In addition to the divorce, there can be emotional manipulation, anger and conflict.

Here’s what you should know about going through a divorce from a narcissist.

The known narcissist

Dealing with an ex you already know to be a narcissist is challenging but can feel slightly simpler because you know what you are dealing with. You may already know some of the high-conflict behaviors and can read some of the warning signs.

Unfortunately, even the known narcissist will likely persist until they feel like they have either harmed you or won something.

The sneaky narcissist

Not all narcissists come to a divorce looking for a big conflict. Instead, a sneaky narcissist will try to harm you covertly through rumors or overly aggressive legal tactics.

Ultimately, the sneaky narcissist is still looking to win or do harm, but they will try to make themselves look innocent in the process.

What you can do

Before your divorce gets too far down the high-conflict path, it is essential to consider your priorities for the divorce. There will be some issues you are willing to fight for, while others may not be worth the battle.

Keep in mind that you also need to consider your emotional and mental health. There will be some issues in the divorce that could be incredibly stressful or triggering. It is critical to have an experienced professional who can advocate for you and your needs throughout your divorce.