Common predictors of a divorce

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Some divorces are predictable by analyzing a number of factors. There are usually two or more major factors, such as arguing frequently and failing to communicate, that contribute to strife between New Hampshire spouses and that are attached to a failing marriage.

Lacking intimacy

The mutual lack of interest in physical intimacy is one of the first signs of a problem in the marriage. Some partners go from showing public displays of affection to no longer being willing to stay in the same room together. They take greater efforts to remain distant from each other, such as having their meals separately or sleeping in separate beds.

Taking long trips

In most cases of an impending divorce, actions speak louder than words. A spouse that takes more trips away from home is sending a strong message to the other spouse and everyone else. Most divorces are preceded by separations that are often filed and made legal in court.

Declining communication

During their time apart, couples tend to forget the importance of communicating properly. They fail to remain open and willing to accept communication. Examples are to keep the phone turned off or take longer than usual to respond to emails.

Frequent criticism

Couples that criticize each other regularly have problems from the very beginning. Frequent criticism increases the occurrences of arguments that are negative and emotionally charged. Most divorces can be predicted by the frequency of the spouses’ arguments.

Marital problems are inevitable, but there are several signs that a marriage is destined to fail. Some problems develop years before anyone speaks of divorce.