How depression can lead to divorce

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Depression affecting one or both spouses can wreak havoc in a New Hampshire marriage, often leading to divorce. This common mental health problem can exacerbate a couple’s differences and prevent them from seeking needed help.

How depression makes a relationship toxic

The presence of depression in a marriage is an impediment to a healthy relationship that is frequently ignored. Depression must be recognized and treated; otherwise, it will exacerbate the conflicts between spouses and lead to divorce.

When depression remains untreated, the condition can lead to further problems such as substance abuse or infidelity. Early signs of depression are often subtle, creeping up on both spouses while issues keep mounting. Those affected frequently feel hopeless and beyond help.

Depression affects cognitive thinking

Although depression is a mood disorder, it also affects cognitive thinking. When you’re depressed, you have a difficult time making decisions. It also becomes easy to blame your unhappiness on the other person and not even realize that something is wrong with their own psyche.

Depression also manifests itself in various ways. Depressed people can be difficult to live with, exacerbating problems even further. Typical symptoms include:

• Difficulty sleeping and eating

• Feeling sad, impatient or irritable

• Difficulty concentrating or focusing

• Inability to enjoy social outings

Facing life’s challenges

If you are already in couples therapy to try to head off divorce, ask your therapist if depression could be at the root of your problems. Going through additional therapy can be expensive, but it will ultimately save you money as divorce negotiations, the division of assets, and other aspects involving a legal split will be even more expensive. Even if you aren’t currently in therapy, you may want to think about pursuing that route before taking steps toward divorce.

Healing depression in one or both spouses can save your marriage. Once the dark cloud lightens, your relationship may become fulfilling once again. When signs of depression are addressed early in a relationship and in a timely manner, less severe and fewer problems can develop. You owe it to yourself and your spouse to at least try.