Depression and marriage

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Depression affects an untold number of people living in New Hampshire. For some, depression drives a wedge between partners and causes other problems in a marriage.

Depression’s symptoms

Many people deal with minor, fleeting sadness or depression. Those struggling with major depression, however, could experience deep-rooted feelings of despair and suffer from excessive fatigue among other concerning problems. A depressed person could withdraw from their loved ones and become less willing to communicate, which can create serious problems in relationships. Such symptoms may impact relationships with others, especially spouses.

Distractions may temporarily alleviate some of the depressed person’s negative feelings. Compulsive shopping and spending might serve such a purpose, hurting the marriage’s financial stability and driving up debts. Persons struggling with depression might engage in dangerous activities, such as self-medicating their symptoms with alcohol and drugs. Substance abuse issues could lead to other issues, ones that could undermine a marriage. Other addictive behaviors like gambling might overtake a depressed person.

Depression might lead to one spouse’s physical and verbal abuse as their mood swings cause them to lash out. Feeling depressed is not an adequate excuse for such behavior, and anyone suffering from domestic violence may need to take steps to protect themselves and their children. Leaving home and procuring an order of protection might be necessary.

Ending the marriage

Counseling and therapy could assist someone hoping to work through their depression as could appropriate FDA-approved medications that are prescribed by a doctor. Marriage counseling may also have value to those hoping to overcome problems they deal with. Unfortunately, divorce could be impossible to avoid for some couples.

When one partner becomes too distant or destructive, the marriage may not last. Dissolving the union could become the only path forward.