Signs that a divorce might be right for you

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Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong joining of a couple. But sadly, many New Hampshire relationships change over the years, and at some point it might be healthier to part ways.

That’s not to say that every marriage having a bad stretch ought to end in a dissolution. Counselling and communication can be great tools for transforming a marriage from toxic to functional.

However, many marriages reach a point of no return. It’s important to be aware of some classic signs that it may be time to consider divorce.

Common reasons for divorce

All marriages are different, and not all of these reasons are surefire signs 100% of the time. But they come up time and time again when couples end up divorcing.


Physical abuse is an absolute red line. If your partner is being physically abusive with you, this is a relationship that needs to end.

Not all abuse is physical, though. Emotional or mental abuse can be almost as harmful, especially over long periods of time. It’s sometimes harder to know that you’re being emotionally abused. But common signs include insults or name-calling, guilt trips, or ‘the silent treatment’.

Loss of love or affection

People can change dramatically over the years, and two people who once loved each other can find that spark has died out completely. A loss of love doesn’t have to be the end of a marriage. But frequently it results in at least one person not getting what they need from the marriage.

Substance abuse and financial misdeeds

If your partner can’t control their consumption of drugs or alcohol, this can frequently lead to a spiral that drags down not only their life but everyone around them.

And the same can be true with certain financial behaviors, such as compulsive gambling, risky investments, or other speculation.

There may come a time when this destructive behavior puts you at risk, and you have to make a hard choice.

Infidelity or other betrayal

This last one needs very little explanation. If you can’t trust your partner on a fundamental level, your marriage may well be over.