The mental and physical effects of parental conflict on children

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Parents in New Hampshire might struggle to decide whether to pursue divorce or not, particularly as they might be concerned about the effect on their children. However, when a relationship is full of conflict and the children witness this constantly, they can have long-lasting mental and emotional effects.

The mental effects

High-conflict situations are very harmful to children’s development. If you are not sure the dissolution of the marriage is the right path, consider how these conflicts affect the children. The effects of the children witnessing and living in a situation where their parents are constantly at odds can last through their adulthood. Some of the ways children can be affected by constant conflict between their parents include:

• Struggling with their self-esteem and their confidence

• Developing anxiety disorders and fear of abandonment and instability

• Struggling with their cognitive decision-making abilities

• Suffering from depression and its associated effects

• Suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.

The physical effects

When children experience living in a hostile environment where their parents are constantly arguing, they also experience physical effects. These effects often continue throughout their lives. Children in these situations often look for ways to cope and sometimes these ways can include alcohol and drug abuse. As they often feel like they cannot control their situation at home, they might look for coping mechanisms that make them feel in control. One of these harmful coping mechanisms can be obsessive control over their bodies through eating disorders.

If you and your spouse are unsure about the decision to seek a divorce because of its potential effect on the children, you might want to evaluate your home environment. if you and your spouse have reached the point where you constantly argue and say hateful things to each other, or where there is violence present, and the children constantly witness this, you might be ready to make the decision.