Why you should avoid social media during your divorce

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Almost everyone is a member of at least one social media platform these days. However, various studies have shown that spending too much time on them is bad for marriages, as it leads to dissatisfaction between spouses. Even when social media does not play a part in a split, staying off in the midst of your New Hampshire divorce is a good idea.

Getting through your divorce on social media

Even though it’s better for them, many people cannot stay off social media while negotiating their divorce. The worst thing you can do is to post negative things about your spouse or other family members. Never post anything when you are upset, either. You should also ask family members to avoid posting about your spouse and their family to avoid any conflict. Monitor your children’s social media usage to ensure they aren’t engaging in negative behavior.

If you must post, focus on the positive aspects of your life and that of your children. Your posts should focus on personal accomplishments and not relationships. Remove your relationship status from your profiles and set your privacy settings to the highest possible levels to protect yourself. You should also refrain from looking for damaging information about your spouse or discussing your case online in public forums.

Dealing with high conflict situations

Many divorces are high-conflict situations, even without the turmoil that social media can bring. Posting negatively, especially when trying to reach a divorce settlement, can add even more conflict and extend the time it takes to reach a final decree. Many complicated and high-conflict divorce cases require mediation or other types of conflict resolution to help move along the process.

If you can’t bear to discuss terms directly with your spouse, the best course of action is not to let the drama play out online but to let individuals experienced in the divorce process handle negotiations. Such individuals are trained to help diffuse situations and provide practical tips on easing the stress surrounding your divorce.