Tips for special needs children and divorce in New Hampshire

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce is difficult for New Hampshire families regardless of the challenges that they face. Children may have a hard time adjusting to life after the divorce, and it can take time for them to process the change.

This is especially true for special needs children. For example, children who are on the autism spectrum might have a harder time adjusting to even small changes, let alone a huge change like divorce. Because of this, it’s important for divorcing New Hampshire parents to keep a few things in mind.

Know the game plan ahead of time

Before you tell your children, it could be helpful to have an idea of what parenting will look like after the divorce. While it’s not possible to have every detail figured out before you tell your children, it’s important to have the broad strokes down and anticipate any questions that they might ask.

Having the parenting plan figured out before you tell your children about the divorce will also allow you to appear confident. This can help reduce anxiety in your children and make them feel just a little more secure with this huge change.

Be ready to work with your ex-spouse

Your parenting plan will look different than those of other families because of your children’s special needs. The odds are good that you and your ex-spouse will be in contact a lot more often than other divorced parents. It’s possible that the needs of your children might require you to consider a nesting custody arrangement or keeping certain routines – like going to doctors’ or therapists’ appointments together.

Other challenges will come up

There are a lot of other challenges that you’ll face as parents of a special needs child. It might be more expensive for divorced parents to maintain their separate households and care for their special needs child. However, whatever money you end up spending will be worth it if it helps your child adjust to the divorce.