What are the considerations when it comes to child custody?

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Child custody is a concern of parents when they no longer have a relationship. Whether parents are divorcing or unmarried but not together, figuring out who will get custody of the children in New Hampshire requires specific considerations to be explored before custody is settled.

The custody agreement

Parents might work together to reach a child custody agreement for their family. Not all agreements are the same, and if the parents can collaborate on the agreement, addressing whether they will share custody jointly or if one of them will be the primary caretaker and the other parent will have visitation, increases the chances that the custody agreement will better fit their family’s needs. Parents must also decide how they will make significant decisions regarding their children’s upbringing. Once these issues are resolved, the parents can present the court with an agreement. However, if the parents cannot reach an agreement, the court will determine custody arrangements.

Important custody factors

Additionally, before issuing a final custody order, courts will also consider important factors that might affect custody, all of which are used to answer the question of what is in the children’s best interests. These factors include:

• Which parent has been the primary caretaker in the past

• What the relationship between the children and each parent is like

• Any particular health, physical or other needs the children might have

• Each parent’s capabilities to take care of the children and meet their needs

• The home environment provided by each parent

Once all considerations are explored, the court will be ready to make a decision. Child custody decisions might not always be what you anticipated. However, working with the children’s other parent might help the whole family reach an agreement that works well for everyone.