FAQs about child custody mediation

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New Hampshire parents whose marriages end in divorce have multiple options. While you can certainly go through a nasty custody battle with your ex, that’s not the best-case scenario. If you’ve been wondering about the process of child custody mediation, you’ve probably had some questions about the process, its benefits and more.

Is mediation better than going to court?

Typically speaking, experts recommend keeping the courts out of your family whenever it’s possible to do so. Mediation allows you and your ex to work out a child custody arrangement without the presence of a judge who decides for you. Not only does mediation save you a lot of stress, but it also makes life easier on your children.

How much does mediation cost?

There is no uniform cost for child custody mediation, but it’s typically cheaper than going through the court system. Instead of paying for an attorney, you and your ex can split the cost of a mediator. This individual helps both parties agree without lawyer fees, filing fees, court costs and other costly components of a litigious custody battle.

What are the benefits of mediation for child custody?

The greatest benefit of mediation involves its non-adversarial nature. Instead of battling against your child’s other parent in court, mediation involves working with them to reach an agreement that works for you, your ex and your child.
Mediation is a quicker solution than going through the courts. Custody trials can take months or even years, but the mediation process often takes only a week or two.

Finally, mediation sets a positive tone for your relationship with your ex going forward. Establishing an atmosphere of cooperation early can help keep things friendly in the future.

Divorce has the potential to bring out the worst in people, and children often bear the brunt of the burden. Mediation services create a cooperative atmosphere that benefits you, your ex and your children.