Fifty-somethings are dominating divorces

On Behalf of | May 24, 2023 | Divorce |

Of all divorce statistics, the older crowd is fast becoming one of the highest divorce demographics among all other age groups. Popularly known as gray divorce is seeing spouses pulling the plug entering or well into their 50s. Additionally, more than 50 percent of middle-aged people live beyond 85 years old.

Thinking about the future brings thoughts of life-changing decisions. For some, career changes and retirement are considered. Others take a long look at their past, present, and future. Many begin to consider the possibility of new pathways, one of which might be divorce.

Empty nest motivations

For most, the “nest” is empty, a common factor that sees spouses in a “one-on-one” dynamic. Over time, fractures in the union begin to grow to a point where divorce becomes the only outcome. Additionally, the growth of women earning their own incomes makes it easier for them to start anew with a sense of financial stability. Two-income households with packages of benefits make a new life possible.

The divorce process is no different than what twenty, thirty, and forty-something couples endure. Some dissolutions can be peaceful, going to the path of mediation. Others are contentious and drawn out with battles, many focusing on the marital property as opposed to children that are likely adults themselves.

Fifty-something adults find themselves with opportunities not afforded to those at a similar age but in a different era. A life-altering decision like divorce requires a thoughtful approach and help from a skilled family law attorney.