What could negatively affect your child custody?

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When a family goes through a separation or divorce in New Hampshire, one of the most pressing concerns is the well-being and care of the children involved. Navigating the child custody process can be a complicated and emotional journey.

In New Hampshire, courts make decisions based on what they believe is in the best interest of the child. Some circumstances can negatively affect your child custody case if they show that you may not be providing a safe and nurturing environment for your children.

History of abuse or neglect

If there is evidence of past or current physical or psychological abuse towards your children or any other household members, this could significantly impact your child custody rights. The same goes for instances of neglect, where you failed to provide for your children’s basic needs such as food, shelter or medical care.

Substance abuse issues

Substance abuse is another factor that courts take seriously when deciding on child custody. If you have a history of substance abuse, including alcohol, it could influence the court’s decision. The primary concern is the children’s safety and the potential risks associated with substance abuse.

Unstable living conditions

Courts prefer to provide children with a stable, consistent environment. If you frequently move or change jobs, your conditions could appear unstable and affect your custody case.

Interference with visitation rights

If you have intentionally interfered with the other parent’s visitation rights, this could also negatively impact your case. This might include situations where you consistently denied the other parent their right to visitation or made it difficult for them to see the children.

Negative behavior in court

Your behavior and demeanor in court can affect your child custody case. Disrespectful or combative behavior can create a poor impression and might suggest an inability to cooperate effectively with the other parent.

Navigating child custody in New Hampshire can be a complex process. Avoiding these pitfalls will help to ensure the court sees you in a favorable light and can have a positive outcome on your child custody case.