4 reasons high-asset couples might consider collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Divorce |

For high-asset couples navigating the complexities of divorce in New Hampshire, considering a collaborative approach may offer numerous advantages.

Collaborative divorce presents an amicable way for couples to resolve their differences without going through the adversarial court process.

1. Privacy and discretion

Collaborative divorce proceedings are confidential, keeping sensitive financial and personal matters out of the public eye. Unlike traditional divorce cases, which often result in court records accessible by anyone, a collaborative divorce allows couples to maintain their privacy and protect their financial information from unwanted scrutiny.

2. Control over the process

High-asset couples often have complex financial portfolios and significant assets to consider. Collaborative divorce empowers couples to maintain control over their financial decisions, rather than leaving these matters in the hands of a judge. By working together, couples can reach agreements that align with their unique needs and circumstances.

3. Efficiency and cost savings

Divorce can be costly, especially for high-asset couples. Litigation fees, court costs and the time required for court appearances can add up quickly. Collaborative divorce often proves to be a more cost-effective and time-efficient option.

4. Preservation of relationships

Even in the face of a divorce, high-asset couples may need to maintain a cordial relationship, especially if they have children or shared business interests. Collaborative divorce fosters open communication and respectful negotiation, reducing the emotional toll of divorce and preserving the possibility of maintaining a working relationship.

In 2021, New Hampshire had a divorce rate of 2.6 per 1,000 population. Many of those divorces involved significant wealth. A collaborative approach may make embarking on a new chapter in life more peaceful and stable for both parties.