A strong predictor of divorce

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Many spouses file for divorce every year, and some New Hampshire marriages collapse because of severe problems, such as substance abuse or mental cruelty. However, other marriages fall apart because of irreconcilable differences. These types of problems often develop over time, and spouses could focus on common indicators that the marriage is starting to fail.

Troubling signs

There are various indications that a marriage is starting to fail, with ambivalence being a top one. Ambivalence in a marriage would be a troubling sign because it shows that the parties are becoming indifferent to one another. Communication and support may dissolve amidst ambivalent attitudes.

Ambivalence may lead to troubling ripple effects that wear down the marriage, such as extending to responsibilities associated with marriage, such as meeting financial obligations. Disharmony in the marriage may expand to further conflicts. The marriage may collapse when partners cannot agree on things or fail to get along.

When the parties are drifting apart and unable to get along, a marriage might become unstable in several ways. Both spouses could begin to live separate lives, contributing to friction.

Marriage satisfaction

The odds of divorce could increase when neither party is satisfied with the marriage. Ambivalence, conflict, unhappiness, and confusion might all contribute to dissatisfaction. Marriage dissolution might be inevitable if the parties cannot address their problems.

Filing for divorce could eventually result in both spouses pursuing new lives that might make them happier. Amicable divorce settlements may address financial matters like asset distribution and support amounts without conflict.