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Divorce Doesn’t Have To Mean Emotional And Costly Litigation

It seems we all know someone with a divorce horror story. Perhaps an uncle who “lost everything” because his spouse was greedy. Maybe a co-worker who lost parenting rights because his wife moved the kids away after she was awarded custody. In most cases, the worst of these stories have likely been exaggerated. But in most cases, there is likely an element of some truth at their roots, too.

But There Are Alternative Divorce Options

Divorce means breaking a contract between the spouses. So by its very nature there is likely to be some issues that will likely arise during the process. But that doesn’t mean that every dispute has to end up in front of a judge and jury. The truth is, New Hampshire family law judges expect the parties to work toward a resolution outside the courtroom, and that is where methods of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) can be so important.

We Offer A Range Of Collaborative Divorce Services

At Clark Law PLLC, in Manchester, our collaborative law attorneys have years of experience helping our clients avoid the mistakes and unnecessary disputes that often lead to the courtroom. Through skillful negotiations and mediation, we work toward finding solutions that make sense to our clients, as well as the courts.

We will meet with you to discuss what your current concerns are about resolving challenging disputes, then talk about what you expect to look like one, two and even five years after the dust settles on the divorce judgment papers. By knowing what you expect for a long-term outcome, we can start applying a collaborative strategy that avoids the worst-case litigation scenario.

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Learn more about your divorce options. No matter how amicable you may be with your spouse, there are likely some issues that need to be resolved before the divorce is final. Don’t panic about them; schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. Call our divorce law firm at 603-473-4338 or contact us by email with a brief explanation of your circumstances. You can do this. Let us help you get through it.