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Legal Separation Agreements Are Often Key To Final Divorce Judgments

If you have decided divorce is your best option, your initial step is likely to be separating from your spouse. For many divorcing couples, this is one of the most important steps in the divorce process. Drafting a legal separation agreement can serve as the foundation for your final divorce judgment.

Before making any decisions that could lead to costly mistakes, contact the family law attorneys at Clark Law PLLC to obtain important legal advice.

If you are considering divorce, but are hesitant to make that decision, you may wonder whether legal separation is an option. In order to be “legally” separated, you must go through essentially the same court procedures as a divorce; however in the end you are not divorced. A legal separation can be converted into a divorce at a later time if desired.

If you and your spouse are in agreement that a legal separation is necessary, you can consider whether Collaborative Law or marital mediation before filing a Petition for Legal Separation would be appropriate and whether a fair resolution may be negotiated. A number of attorneys at Clark Law PLLC are specially trained in collaborative law and marital mediation and are available to discuss these options further.

If you and your spouse are not in agreement, then our family law attorneys at Clark Law PLLC can answer your questions and advise you on the court procedures including how your spouse gets notified that you filed, when there will be a hearing to decide who lives in the home, who pays certain bills, how alimony is determined, the parenting schedule (if there are children involved), how to obtain documentation and information needed for your case, and how long the process could last. Of course, every case is unique and therefore a precise timeline cannot be provided.

Marital Estate

In addition, the attorneys here at Clark Law PLLC will explain what constitutes the “marital estate” and how assets can be evaluated and divided. If there are any questions about prenuptial agreements or assets that were brought into the marriage, or inheritances received before, during the marriage or after divorce proceedings began, our experienced family law counsel can explain the statutory principles and case law that govern these assets.

If you have questions about your spouse’s conduct which led to the breakdown of the marriage, or other factors that would make an unequal division of marital and individual assets appropriate, our knowledgeable and discreet attorneys can inform you of how to address these matters with the court.

In these uncertain financial times, our firm is able to assist you in discussing the potential impact of a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy on the division of the marital estate and allocation of debt responsibility.

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