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Protecting Your Rights In All Areas Related To Family Violence

Before you attend a hearing on domestic violence, contact the family law attorneys at Clark Law PLLC to obtain important legal advice.

A party may file for a domestic violence petition with the courts, or with a local police department if the court is closed. If a Temporary restraining order is issued, the court will make orders restricting contact by the alleged offender. Any orders made by the court may not restrict the “victim” from making contact which can be confusing for the alleged offender and oftentimes leads to violations of restraining orders which can become a criminal offense pursued by the State even if the Domestic Relations Restraining Order is dropped.

The family law attorneys at Clark Law PLLC can provide legal assistance for your Domestic Violence restraining order issues and/or violation of restraining orders. If there are also criminal charges resulting from the same incident, our professionals can advise you about concerns with testimony in your DV matter while a criminal matter is pending.

It is vital to get advice, and representation, whether you are the alleged offender or a victim of domestic violence as a Final Order in a domestic violence matter could affect a divorce or parenting action. In addition, a domestic violence restraining order is on record with the State of North Hampshire and local police departments and could affect employment if an employer requires a criminal background check.

Domestic Violence in Manchester, North Hampshire

A domestic violence restraining order is usually only effective for one year. The laws of New Hampshire allow for an extension from one to five years. If you are the victim or the alleged offender, you need legal advice as the impact on employment and/or on parenting time.

Our family law attorneys can also provide legal advice on how to retrieve guns that may have been taken by the police as a result of a domestic violence petition that has been dropped or dismissed by the court.

If you have been cleared of a domestic violence petition, Clark Law PLLC can offer advice on how you may annul your record.

Do not wait until after you receive a Final Order in your DV case to ask what your rights, options and potential consequences may be. It is usually too late after a hearing for an attorney to be able to make a difference.

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