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Divorce For Small-Business Owners In New Hampshire

Many small businesses are co-owned between spouses. In other cases, one spouse owns the business alone. For business owners and their spouses going through divorce, it is crucial to retain a family law attorney capable of handling the issues they face when it comes to division of assets.

The attorneys and staff of Clark Law PLLC have the skills to help you achieve your goals in dividing assets when business interests are part of the asset structure. We represent business owners and their spouses. As your attorneys, we will seek a reasonable outcome that respects your property rights under New Hampshire divorce law.

What Happens To A Small Business When Divorce Happens?

As a business owner, you do not want your divorce to harm business operation from the divorce process. Or if you are married to a business owner, you do not want to miss out in receiving your rightful share of the business value, which might be the most valuable asset you and your spouse own.

Owners sacrifice and work hard to turn their small business into a success. So do their spouses, even if the spouses never directly invest work or money into the company. The issue in family court involves the division of marital property. Each spouse has rights under family court laws.

Matrimonial law recognizes that a spouse’s indirect contributions to a small business allow the business owner to focus on their job. For example, a spouse can serve as the children’s primary caretaker and homemaker while the other spouse spends time at the office. In cases like this, an ownership stake in a small business is part of marital property. Each spouse is entitled to an equitable share.

However, many factors are at issue in how courts evaluate what is equitable. Moreover, when business interests are at issue, there are frequently disputes concerning the valuation of the business. It is important for business owners, or spouses of business owners, to seek the representation of lawyers with the financial acumen and experience in these complex disputes. The divorce lawyers at Clark Law PLLC, in Manchester, know how to analyze the facts and circumstances to develop strong positions in court. Moreover, as experienced lawyers in complex financial matters, we know how to address the issues. Often, business-related interests involve the need for business valuation attorneys to present evidence in family court.

Customized Asset Division Strategy

You have several options for determining what to do with a small business in divorce. Often, our lawyers are able to negotiate a settlement that buys out the spouse’s share and lets the owner keep the business intact. We often turn to mediation when the litigants are cooperating in settling disputes more amicably. Divorce mediation offers many divorcing couples the opportunity to retain more control over the outcome. We will explain your choices based on your stated preferences and proceed according to your direction.

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