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Manchester, New Hampshire Attorneys For Post-Divorce Modifications

Once the court accepts your divorce settlement, it has the weight of any court order. However, as time passes, parts of the decree that made sense at the time may no longer be appropriate or even possible. It is also possible that an error or unfair portion of the order needs to be revisited to set things right.

A divorce decree can be modified or appealed, but to do so, you need experienced legal representation. At Clark Law PLLC, in Manchester,  we have more than 50 years of experience in family law litigation. We successfully pursue post-decree modifications and appeals on our clients’ behalf on a range of matters, especially child custody, child support and spousal support. Whether you are seeking to change the terms of your divorce or your former spouse is, we will give you personal guidance through the process.

When Family Court Order Modifications Become A Possibility

Life events can make it necessary to modify a divorce order. For example, the noncustodial parent might have to take a lower-paying job that makes it difficult to pay the same level of child support or spousal support (alimony) as they are supposed to. Or an ex who is receiving alimony may start working full time. Often, a custodial parent will want to move out of state with the kids, which can require major changes to the visitation agreement.

If the exes do not agree to the proposed changes, the modification dispute or appeal could end up in court. We will prepare carefully for trial with a case based on the facts. However, we always seek alternative solutions that are acceptable to both sides. Most of all, we will make sure your children’s best interests are recognized.

Assert Your Rights In Your New Hampshire Post-Judgment Conflict

Call 603-473-4338 today or contact us by email to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys about your post-decree modification matters. Whether we worked with you previously or not, we can help you. We represent clients in and around Manchester, New Hampshire.