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Get Legal Help For Your Child Support Concerns

Before making any decisions that could lead to unfair calculation of child support, or accrual of child support arrearages, contact the family law attorneys at Clark Law PLLC to obtain important legal advice.

The calculation of child support is established by New Hampshire law and is based on a formula established by the Legislature. The statute defines what constitutes income for purposes of child support calculation. In addition, there are certain expenses which are deducted from gross income before calculation of support is determined (i.e. child care expenses actually paid, state taxes actually paid, mandatory retirement, the children’s portion of medical coverage costs, and actual self-employment paid, etc.).

New Hampshire laws provide a basis for deviation from the child support guidelines, either upward or downward, based upon certain considerations. Our family law attorneys can help you determine whether your circumstances may warrant an adjustment.

Child Support Manchester, New Hampshire

The State of New Hampshire allows for review of child support every three years. However, either parent can file for modification prior to the three years if there has been a substantial change in circumstances. If you have lost a job, there has been an increase in the cost for medical coverage, or if there has been any other change to your financial circumstances whether you are the parent paying or receiving support, contact our experienced attorneys to discuss whether a substantial change in circumstances which warrants modification may exist.

If you receive notice from the State of New Hampshire that your driver’s license and/or hunting/fishing license may be revoked because of arrearages, call our firm immediately to get professional advice on how to address the issue. Very often there is a relatively short time-frame to respond before your license is suspended or revoked.

Our family law office can offer assistance if you have been contacted by the New Hampshire Division of Child Support Services regarding TANF benefits that are being provided by the state for your child which need to be repaid, or if you have been notified that someone is claiming that you are the biological father of a child who is receiving benefits and requesting to establish paternity. Usually, these types of cases only address paternity for child support purposes and you may need assistance to petition the Court for parenting rights.

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