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Protecting Your Child’s Rights And Safety

If you have been accused of abuse or neglect, contact one of Clark Law PLLC family law attorneys as soon as possible before the investigation is completed and before a hearing is held.

The NH Division of Children, Youth and Families (“DCYF”) has been given authority by state law to investigate claims of abuse or neglect. A report can be made by anyone, a family member, a friend, school personnel, a nurse, a doctor, or anyone that believes that a child is being abused or neglected.

Generally, DCYF will contact the parent(s) when a report is made to discuss the claims made. Sometimes, depending on the allegations, DCYF will file an Abuse or Neglect Petition with the District Court because the case worker believes that harm may result unless a change is made in the living arrangements of the child. DCYF does not have the authority to remove a child, or to order a parent or any other household member to be removed from the house where the child resides, except by Court Order.

The accused parent and a non-accused parent have rights under New Hampshire’s laws. There are deadlines that DCYF, the Court and parents must abide by, so it is important to get legal advice early.

If you are facing an investigation by NH DCYF, had your children removed by DCYF, or if you are a non-accused parent of a child who is the subject of the abuse or neglect by the other parent, please contact one of our family law attorneys to discuss your rights and procedural requirements.

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