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Standing Up To False Domestic Violence Accusations In Family Court

A domestic violence accusation can upend a divorce or child custody proceeding. While many such accusations that arise in family law court are legitimate, unfortunately, some people try to game the system by making a false accusation.

Besides the stain to your reputation and possible jail time, a false accusation of domestic assault can take away your rights as a parent. That means you may never see your children again. At Clark Law PLLC, our team of experienced attorneys is here to help you fend off a false claim of domestic violence and do everything possible to preserve your parental rights under New Hampshire law.

Where Bogus Domestic Assault Claims Come From

Many domestic violence claims come down to conflicting memories. A raised voice or touch on the arm can be twisted into something far worse. On the other hand, parents sometimes deliberately invent a domestic violence incident as part of a plan to “get back” at their former spouse. Sadly, the children caught in the middle of these schemes are the ones who suffer the most.

As your attorneys, we will set aside the emotions involved and make sure the truth comes to light. We are seasoned family court litigators. We have seen every type of false domestic abuse claim, and we know how to defend against these charges. We will show that you are a good parent and are entitled to shared child custody or visitation time.

Don’t panic if your ex is making terrible claims against you. Give your case to one of our lawyers instead. We will seek a fair resolution that does not wrongfully deprive your kids of precious time with you.

Begin Defending Your Parental Rights

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence by your co-parent, contact Clark Law PLLC right away. Call 603-473-4338 or send us an email.