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Grandparents, Get The Rights You Deserve

If the parents of your grandchildren are unable to care for the children, the family law attorneys at Clark Law PLLC can offer important legal advice.

In certain situations, a grandparent may petition the family courts for visits. Visitation awarded to a grandparent is not the same as granting decision-making authority such as is awarded to a parent in a divorce or parenting case. In deciding to award a grandparent visitation, the courts must keep in mind the constitutional rights of parents to make decisions for their children and to weigh the best interests of the children.

If you have had significant contact with your grandchildren but have been unable to see your grandchildren at the request of either parent, please contact our family law attorneys to learn more about grandparent’s rights.

Guardianship Over A Minor

If you are concerned about the safety or well-being of your grandchildren, or the children have been left in your care, please contact our office to discuss whether temporary or permanent guardianship over the child may be appropriate and necessary.

In a guardianship matter, you could be awarded decision making authority so that you can obtain medical care, handle education issues and determine an appropriate parenting schedule should one or both of the parents have limited parenting time.

If you are awarded legal guardianship, you may also be entitled to receive support to assist with the increased financial responsibilities from one or both parents.

If a parent is seeking to terminate your guardianship, what are your rights if you agree to terminate the guardianship? What if the parent relapses and needs you to care for the children again? If the guardianship is terminated do you have any residual rights to make decisions to ensure you continue to see the children? There are a lot of questions that you need answers to.

The family law attorneys offer a free initial consultation and evening appointments by phone or at our office. Contact Clark Law PLLC now at 603-473-4338 for more information.