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POLL: How do people feel about divorce?

Divorce is not an easy topic to discuss for many people. It’s a topic that brings up a lot of emotions, many of which are negative. Although it may feel like a very negative process, we have to try to remember that the purpose of divorcing is often to get to a place where both individuals are happier. After all, it’s very unlikely that two happily married individuals will divorce.

How people feel about divorce has changed over time and will continue to change as our understanding of relationships morphs. A long time ago living together before marriage and gay relationships were not as commonly accepted as they are now.

A recent poll shows that although living together before marriage and gay relationships have progressed in terms of being acceptable, fewer individuals feel comfortable with the idea of divorce.

A decade ago 47 percent of women polled said divorce was the best option for a rocky marriage. The recent numbers have dropped to 38 percent. The same drop is seen among men. A decade ago 44 percent of men felt this way. Now the number stands at 39 percent.

There could be a variety of reasons behind this decline. First of all, the poll, which asked thousands of teenagers and young adults a variety of questions, was conducted near a time when the economy was struggling. This may have meant some couples did not have the financial means to divorce or live separately. It’s also important to remember that marriage rates are down in general and that people are getting married at an older age.

No matter what society is feeling about divorce at any given time, it may be the right choice for two individuals. It may be a hard decision to make but in the end it could be one that improves their lives.

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