High asset divorce: Isaiah Silva requests spousal support

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When people in New Hampshire marry, they must often define their roles within the relationship. In some cases, a person might decide to put his or her career on hold. However, if the marriage ends in divorce, couples must then decide how to separate their lives. If a person has given up a career, he or she might be at a financial disadvantage. In a high asset divorce playing out publicly, Isaiah Silva, the estranged husband of France Cobain, daughter of Kurt Cobain, claims that he did just that.

The couple married in 2014. However, Frances Cobain filed for divorce less than two years later, citing irreconcilable differences. Silva claims that he gave up working steadily and put a hold on his career at the time of his marriage. He also argues that Cobain promised to pay for the housing bills and private school tuition for Silva’s child from another relationship. Because he says Cobain is reneging on her promise, he argues that he is unable to financially support his child.

As a result, he is asking from $25,000 a month in spousal support. Some sources suggest that Silva may be after some of Kurt Cobain’s $450 million estate but note that Frances Cobain seems confident that he will not be successful. Reports indicate that there does not appear to be a prenuptial agreement in place.

While all divorces have the potential of being contentious, having a prenuptial agreement can help ensure that both parties are aware of how assets will be divided in the event the couple decides to end their marriage. This measure can be especially helpful if a couple is facing a high asset divorce. An experienced attorney can help those in New Hampshire who are considering marriage ensure that their interests are protected.

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