Court ruling invalidates high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2016 | High-Asset Divorce |

For many people in New Hampshire and across the country, the decision to seek a divorce is a complex one at which they arrive only after serious consideration. Once the decision is made, the process is typically fairly standard. However, those with a high asset divorce can experience complications that can require the help of an experienced attorney in order to properly resolve them. This could be especially true for those that involve international spouses. In fact, one woman has recently found herself still married after a previous divorce declaration was overturned.

The decision involves a couple who had been married for decades. When the woman sought a divorce, she claims that she was unaware of her estranged husband’s exact location, although she knew he was living in another country. Allegedly with the court’s permission, she advertised a legal notice in the local paper.

The court awarded the woman a $416 million settlement. Recently she and her lawyers were able to freeze $4 million in assets related to the man’s business. This action, however, prompted a response from the husband who claims he was never aware of the original divorce filing, and the divorce case was dismissed. As a result, the two are still considered married even though the man has since remarried. The woman vows to appeal the ruling.

Once a couple decides that their marriage is over, they can become eager to complete the legalities associated with ending a marriage and beginning the next stage of their lives. Unfortunately, in order to ensure a fair settlement in the case of a high asset divorce, those in New Hampshire have found that it is necessary to retain representation and take the necessary time in order to ensure that no details are overlooked. By doing so, future complications can potentially be avoided.

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