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Conflicting political ideologies lead to divorce

Many people in New Hampshire make the decision to stay in an unhappy marriage. However, some refuse to do so, often resulting in a happier and more fulfilling life. While there are multiple reasons to seek a divorce, one out-of-state woman claims she choose to end her marriage due to her husband's political affiliations.

The 73-year-old woman and her husband were married for 22 years when she chose to end their marriage. She claims that she knew her husband tended to vote Republican. However, even with that knowledge she says that she was surprised when she learned that he intended to vote for now-President Donald Trump.

According to reports, she learned of her husband's intentions while at lunch with friends. For her, she says, his political affiliations were a reminder of the things she was accepting now that would have been unacceptable when she was younger. The woman's estranged husband declined to comment on the woman's decision.

The relationship between this man and woman isn't the only one affected by politics. A recent poll conducted by Reuters asked over 6,400 respondents about how their relationships were by the election. Approximately 16 percent claimed that they had stopped talking to someone over politics while another 30 percent indicated that they had ended a relationship. Regardless of the reason a couple in New Hampshire or other areas of the country choose to divorce, those who choose to seek such action could benefit from an attorney with experience with such proceedings who is willing to fight on their behalf. While the decision to end a marriage is typically a difficult one to make, an experienced professional can provide guidance throughout the process.

Source:, "Wife files for divorce after husband votes for Donald Trump", Feb. 11, 2017

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