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Child custody case questions Alex Jones's on-air persona

When two people in New Hampshire decide to seek a divorce, some are unable to come together to make decisions regarding their split. This often encompasses decisions regarding child custody, prompting them to seek an intervention by the court. Such is the case for radio personality, Alex Jones.

Jones is known for the often inflammatory nature of his political commentary. For example, he recently issued an apology for promoting a conspiracy theory that linked Hillary Clinton to a sex scandal. An attorney for Jones claims that the person Jones portrays on his show is a only a character and is not an indicator of his true character

However, his ex-wife disagrees, according to reports regarding their child custody case. She is seeking either full or joint custody, claiming that he is unstable and the persona he presents is the same as she sees at home. She also claims that comments he recently made regarding a United States Congressman could be a felony. Court records indicate that she is concerned about the fact that her children can watch him broadcast since he does so from home. As a result, a jury must now determine whether the person he portrays on the radio is a character and make a determination regarding custody.

Parents have certain rights when it comes to their children. Many are dedicated to preserving the relationship with them. However, if a parent in New Hampshire is concerned about his or her children's well-being, the concerns may be addressed in court by filing a child custody case. Before doing so, it's best to seek guidance from an attorney with experience regarding family law matters who can ensure that all material concerns are heard and addressed.

Source:, "Attorney argues Alex Jones 'playing a character' in child custody trial", Caitlin Yilek, April 16, 2017

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