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Divorce does not have to be litigious

Many New Hampshire residents, you included, want to get through divorce as unscathed as possible. If you have children, you may feel particularly compelled to get through the process as quickly and with as little conflict as possible. Fortunately, certain divorce methods may help you achieve this goal.

Both mediation and collaborative divorce are alternative dispute resolution methods that could help you and your spouse avoid litigation. These methods differ in how they reach results, but either could help interested parties come to conclusions without having to spend time arguing in court. Of course, in order for either method to be effective, you and your spouse need to feel willing to work together and negotiate.


Mediation can help resolve conflicts in a variety of settings and for a variety of disputes. In your case, you and your soon-to-be ex would work with a mediator to come to decisions regarding your divorce settlement. You still have the ability to retain legal counsel to help you through the process and to make sure you understand your rights. Your attorney can also help you understand settlement offers and how they could impact your case. With facilitative mediation, your mediator would only serve to keep negotiations moving.

Collaborative divorce

Another method you may wish to explore is collaborative divorce. This method involves bringing in several professionals from different backgrounds to assess the situation and work toward beneficial outcomes. For instance, financial advisors, family therapists and health professionals may play roles in this process. They can offer advice, give pointers on how to express concerns and make decisions, and help children understand the proceedings as well as give them a way to express any concerns they may have.

In order to move forward with collaborative divorce, you will need to ensure that your legal counsel is trained in this type of dispute resolution. Additionally, in the event that you and your spouse do not feel that collaboration is having the desired outcome, you will need to find new legal representation if you choose to move forward with litigation.

Reaching your goals

Your divorce does not have to end up as a horror story you tell your friends. Utilizing one of these methods or other avenues to help lessen conflict during your divorce may allow you to reach your desired outcomes without having to face disputes at every turn. If interested, you may want to gain more information on these divorce options.

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