How to help your kids enjoy the holidays during your divorce

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Divorce is hard for everyone, especially around the holidays. But it’s especially hard for kids in New Hampshire and around the country. Here are some tips to help your kids enjoy the holidays during your divorce.

Make sure your kids wake up with both of you on Christmas morning.

Share your special moments with your ex if you can spend the holiday together without tension. It will ruin the fun if your children feel your discomfort. Stress could add pressure to their experience. Sharing special moments works when parents are comfortable with each other.

The holiday season is tough on everyone, especially your ex, so make sure your kids have fun even if you aren’t there.

Put your kids above your own emotions about the impending divorce. If you aren’t with them on Christmas morning, make other plans. Consider volunteering or visiting relatives out of state. It’s a good distraction from loneliness.

Put off your divorce until after the holidays.

Avoid financial negotiations during the holidays. Focus on your kids instead of asset division.

If possible, work with your spouse.

Share the gift-giving time. Without a shared Christmas, the kids could be with one of you on Christmas Eve, and the other on Christmas Day.

Set new traditions with your kids.

If you alternate holidays, create new traditions for you and your kids.

Encourage them to make cards or gifts for their other parent.

Encouraging their relationship with the other parent sends them the important message of giving.

Plan the holidays and how your kids will spend time with you.

Let them express their feelings. Let them discuss the past and tell them you and your ex will make the holidays wonderful. Avoid putting them in a loyalty conflict.

That’s how to help your kids enjoy the holidays during a divorce. With a little planning, it is possible.