How can domestic violence affect decisions on alimony?

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Domestic violence is a harsh reality that can affect not just the personal lives of victims but also their financial status. In the context of divorce, it can play a crucial role in influencing alimony payments.

If you are thinking of filing for divorce, and domestic violence is present in your marriage, how can you go through the alimony process? In addition, how can domestic violence impact the outcome of your potential case?

Factors that can determine alimony

According to New Hampshire law, there are several factors that can determine alimony. These include the parties’ financial resources, earning capacity and marital misconduct. In divorces involving domestic violence, courts can consider such misconduct when deciding on alimony.

How domestic violence can affect alimony

Further, the abused spouse may need more financial support to rebuild their life and ensure their safety. Thus, courts may order higher alimony payments or extend the duration of support to help victims of domestic violence regain financial stability.

Economic abuse and alimony

Economic abuse, which is a form of domestic violence, can occur in a marriage when one spouse controls the other’s finances. In New Hampshire, courts recognize this form of abuse and may award higher alimony payments to help ease the financial harm of victims.

The long-term impact of alimony on survivors

Meanwhile, alimony can have a long-term impact on the lives of domestic violence survivors. A fair alimony arrangement can give them the financial stability to access resources and regain independence. By ensuring that survivors have the means to support themselves and their children, alimony can help in promoting healing and preventing abuse.

Advocating for your best interests

The implications of domestic violence in your divorce can be complex and daunting. With legal guidance, you may know your rights, advocate for your best interests and seek an alimony agreement that reflects your needs.