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Relocating with a child post-divorce

After a divorce, some New Hampshire parents might wish to relocate. Since custody of children will be affected, certain conditions must be met for the court to approve the relocation. Reasons for moving There are many reasons why a parent might decide to relocate....

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Post-divorce financial independence

Divorce represents more than a marriage’s end. The dissolution involves the start of a new life, one hopefully unencumbered by whatever problems plagued the marriage. Things might not be smooth for newly single persons leaving a New Hampshire family court. Financial...

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Co-parenting with a narcissist

A co-parenting plan could establish rules and order for child care and custody. Former couples may no longer get along after receiving a final divorce decree in New Hampshire, but they might still need to interact because of their children. Troubles and conflicts...

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How “uncontested” divorces are different

In New Hampshire, couples have the option of attempting an uncontested divorce rather than a standard divorce. The differences matter, even though an uncontested divorce can still benefit from a lawyer to complete the process. What makes an uncontested divorce? There...

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