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Watch out for these hidden divorce costs

In New Hampshire, divorce can have financial implications in addition to an emotional toll. Aside from the expected costs that come from setting up an additional household, divorce and the process of separating assets can trigger other costs that often go unnoticed....

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Protecting collectibles in a divorce

New Hampshire is an equitable division state, which means that your spouse may receive more than half of assets held in the marital estate. This may mean that you will be forced to cede a portion of an art, car or other type of collection that were amassed during the...

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Fifty-somethings are dominating divorces

Of all divorce statistics, the older crowd is fast becoming one of the highest divorce demographics among all other age groups. Popularly known as gray divorce is seeing spouses pulling the plug entering or well into their 50s. Additionally, more than 50 percent of...

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Advice for blended families in New Hampshire

Starting over after a divorce in New Hampshire is difficult enough as an individual. When moving forward includes creating a new, blended families, complications can multiply. Common problems when two families become one After the recovery period from a divorce, it's...

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